March 16, 2018: We've got a couple beautifully artful games to recommend this week. First, explore the highs and lows of falling in love with Florence, and then run from a gigantic world-eating worm in the hand-drawn Wormster Dash!


Who says that video games can't be artistic? Florence is a brand new game released for Android and iOS designed by the Ken Wong, the lead designer of the incredible Monument Valley franchise who now leads a new indie studio, Mountains, based out of Australia. Florence is their first release and it is mesmerizing.

The game explores the titular character, Florence, as she falls in love for the first time. The interactive elements at play here are subtle at times, but it all manages to pull you into Florence's day-to-day life. The game tracks the highs and lows of falling in love with an art style that will remind you of reading a graphic novel. It shouldn't take you too long to play through Florence, but it's a quality experience and should touch your heart.

Download: Florence ($2.99)

Wormster Dash

What can you do when a giant worm is trying to eat the entire world around you? Run for your life!

That's the premise behind the beautifully hand-drawn game Wormster Dash. The graphics in this game were all hand drawn on paper, giving this game a look and feel that you just don't see too often on mobile. This game is loaded with hidden passages, deadly traps, and a bunch of bizarre creatures that will try to distract you as you jump and smash past obstacles.

Officially listed as unreleased on the Google Play Store, if you're brave enough you can download and play it today from the Google Play Store.

Download: Wormster Dash ($4.99)